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Breaking: Whatsapp down as we enter 2018

Is Whatsapp down? So many people are reporting that WhatsApp is Down even as we approach 2018. Why is whatsapp down? No one knows for now.

Probably, whatsapp is down because of too many statuses and messages across the app.

Anyways, this is not the first time and we hope something is done about it quickly.

Happy New Year in advance.

Boobs are not that sexual - Mojisola Omoyemisi

Take your eyes off the boobs for a minute and read.

The society we live in doesn't frown against public breastfeeding. But a woman whose boobs stay out even half of what you see up here... is seen as a slut.

I bet i would be harassed if I wore a dress that showed this much boobs on a normal day. But two days ago... when I was out, watermelon started to cry and refused his bottle outrightly. One woman came up to me and asked me where the mother was.

I told her am the mother. She gave me the deepest frown of disapproval I have ever seen in my life and asked me what the hell I was putting on a tight fitting cloth for.

"Come here" she said. She pulled me and turned me around forcefully. With one sweep, she pulled down my zipper and asked me to breastfeed him right away if I didn't want her to pounce on me. I turned around to face the wall... But I brought out my boob totally. As I breastfed a now happy melon, I wondered whether she would be nice to me if I had my b…

Music: No Other Name – Jobs [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Bayowa Joseph aka Jobs is a gospel singer, with a dynamic sound and spirit that ushers people into God’s very presence. His unique sound has earned him many platforms.

He is from Ekiti state, and was born and bred in Port Harcourt, into a family of five.

He began singing at the very tender age of ten. And honed his musical skills through joining of the children choir and other musical groups. He is a member of the redeemed Christian church of God. He is also a student of Ekiti state university, where he is pursuing a degree in SLT biochemistry.

Bayowa Joseph is an ardent lover of gospel rock, and is inspired by the likes of tye tribett, Travis Greene, Ibk_theoffspring etc.
Beyond his passion for music is his deep love for God, who is the object of his music. Bayowa Joseph is also the convener of THE PSALMIST CONCERT, a musical concert aimed at evangelising Christ through music.


The Innoson/GTB Saga: Why Nigerians Are The Easiest People To Rule by Bayo Adeyinka

I used to think Nigeria was a very difficult country to govern. Now, I think I know better. This country is one of the easiest to rule over. Once you understand the psychology of the average Nigerian, it's easy to have a field day. This current Innoson versus GTB saga exposes the mind of the average Nigerian.

The average Nigerian has the concepts of right and wrong blurred. Right is only right when their personal rights are breached. At other times, it doesn't matter. The average Nigerian loves to get involved in fights that don't concern them. Especially when big men are involved. In Nigeria, we have little men fighting in different corners for big men. In saner climes, big men fight for their little men. We either fight for Atiku or we are throwing punches on behalf of Buhari. We shout in support of Wike or demonstrate in support of Amaechi. Meanwhile, big men never fight big men- they employ smaller men. Our leaders understand our make up perfectly. The average Nigeri…



As the new election year (2019) draws close, as expected, we will see renewed efforts from the current government to respond rapidly to issues talked about by the masses and countless corn-eating, garri sipping, cute family portraits and other mass appealing activities by the Nigerian political class.

This is always expected. Just in case you aren’t aware, it is good for you to know so now before you start posting about how humble so and so is by eating regular food and taking family photos with high fives and whatnots.

You just might not have realized that these politicians use foreign consultants who study your behavior and come up with strategies that will make you go ‘awwwww’, becloud your reasoning and make you vote for their clients while they take fat cheques or heavy wire transfers and their clients sit on you and siphon money through fat budgets they hardly ever implement.

Once the local consultants study what works from the campaign o…

#EndSARS: Atiku commended Nigeria youths

Atiku Abubakar has commended Nigerians for rising in unison to condemn alleged atrocities by the police Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Mr. Abubakar, a former vice-president and 2019 presidential hopeful, said harassment of citizens by policemen has no place in a democratic society.

“The arbitrary harassment of young Nigerians by Police (who should be protecting them) has no place in a democratic society,” Mr. Abubakar said.

The politician said he understood the plights of citizens who have been victims of alleged SARS brutality, especially the youth who are more vulnerable to harassment because SARS personnel often see them as Internet fraudsters whenever they carry laptops in their bags on the road.

“The #EndSARS protest shows Nigerian youth are upset and the matter needs urgent attention,” he said. “Everyday, we encourage our young people to become entrepreneurs. Buying a laptop to earn a living shouldn’t attract harassment.”

Mr. Abubakar’s reaction came a day after Nigerians s…