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Scam Alert: This Lady was Scammed by an Instagram User, See Screenshots

Instagram has now turned to a scamming ground. These days, you don't even know whom to trust when it comes to online business again. Read the full gist as posted by Omobolanle Awoyemi on her Facebook Wall. See Screenshots below.

SCAMMER ALERT. INSTAGRAM SCAMMERS. May it not be well with all of them!

The general public is therefore warned of doing business with any vendor on IG called @uniqueladyswears_online_store whose phone no is +2348179542401.

A dear friend of mine (she has been tagged in this post) has requested I post this for her because she believes this notice will get more audience on my wall than if posted on her own wall.

Evidence of her conversations with the vendor has been attached.

Oluwadamilola made an order of two items: A slippers and a shoe. On realizing that he had been paid the money for the delivery, an evidence was a screenshot of the debit alert she got from her bank (FCMB), the scammer claimed not to have received the alert but promised to process the o…

"Throw Away That Degree Otherwise You Will Die Poor” – Open Letter to Nigerian Youths

”Throw Away That Degree Otherwise You Will Die Poor” – Open Letter to Nigerian Youths" is a must read for all Youths in Nigeria.

Below is mind bugging open latter to Nigerian youths from “TIMOTHY REX GOMA”

Most of the educated people in Nigeria are poor. Majority of the educated earn less than N55,000 for a salary before tax and other deductions.

When the deductions are put into consideration, the net salary comes to around N50,000. The net salary then suffers from loan deductions of up to N15,000 leaving the salary at around N35,000. The landlord then demands for his N15,000 and monthly shopping takes away N10,000 leaving one with a N10,000.

The bus will demand for N300 going to and from work and relatives get another N2,500. The whole salary is gone and borrowed money starts operating. The borrowed money includes short loans and salary advances.

The difference between poverty and prosperity is property. A prosperous person has property to his name while a poverty stricken pers…

How To Be Be a Millionaire with Questra Holdings

Are you a student, trader or business man/woman, civil servant or Entrepreneur? You can become a Millionaire with Questra Holdings. This is the type of investment that would wow you on trial. It's the fastest growing company in the world.

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I would like to introduce you to Questra Holdings.

Before you read on, see what Lovekoku has to say about Questra:

Questra Holdings was founded in 2009 and has its head office in Spain which means that is subject to European law. Currently 158 employees have the privilege of working for Questra Holdings. Of these 25 are traders who have, to date, completed 88% profitable transactions.

Within this body, there are 2 main companies:
Atlantic Global Asset management (AGAM) - Deals with the management of financial assets of Questra holdings, and Questra world - Questra world deals majorly with promotion of the parent company Questra holdings

Questra is active in 28 European countries. Questra is…

Crytocurrency: Invest in Krypto-gold and get daily returns for life

Krypto-gold is an mining company which gives you a daily mining profit. This profit depends on your investment packages. You will buy a package ranging from $50 to $5000 and get daily profit daily for life. Since there are five coins which are good for mining for now, the company has five machines which mine Bitcoin, etherium, ZCash, Dash and LTC.

When you register, you get your profits for life. 

The company have already invested $25 million plus in Mining facilities and equipment so when purchasing a contract, it will be mining within 24 hours.

Check out your profit plans depending on your investment below:

There are also outstanding bonuses you can gain from mining with Krypto-gold. They include:

1. binary team cycle bonus
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Binary Team Cycle Bonus Activate your account with $500. You can start with $50 (the minimum investment) but if you're networker like …

How People Make Their Rulers Monsters and Other lessons by Otunba Adeniyi Adebayo

When Otunba Niyi Adebayo won the election to be the Governor of Ekiti State, in 1999, not many people gave him a chance of making any meaningful impact because he was considered a greenhorn. What people, however, did not know was that the young man watching his father, late General Robert Adeyinka Adebayo, former Military Governor of the old Western Region of Nigeria, had gained a lot of insights even without being an active participant. Niyi, a lawyer by profession, shares notes on his life in the Government House in Ekiti, and lessons for other professionals who want to venture into politics. Enjoy the reading. Lesson 1: Politics is not dirty. People use statements like ‘politics is a dirty game’ to drive good people away from politics. For me, what I have come to discover is that the more good people go into politics, the cleaner it will become. If you have clean people going into politics, they will clean up the system. Interestingly people who are insider want to prevent other peo…