Abraham Akomolafe, a Facebook user had proposed reasons why Ayo Fayose would win the next presidential election in Nigeria. Even though, President Muhammadu Buhari is not really performing, according to him, the Northerners would still vote for him if he proceed for second term.

REMEMBER: I ain't a loyalist and I am not partisan too. #Facts

NOW, these are my reasons:

Please note that the only hurdle Ayo Fayose needs to scale is the PDP primaries.

And he may scale that even though presidency has been zoned to the north which is not his region. Yes! He may.

He can scale it because PDP is dying to get hold of Nigeria back

Straight to the reasons:


If Buhari runs for second term (which looks like it), The North will vote for him (buhari) - Because history reveals that the northerners can do anything to support their people even if he is not competent or sick


The south-west will not vote for Buhari, Do I need to tell you why? Abi you that is a south-westerner, will you vote for BUhari again?


The south-easterners will never vote for Buhari or any other Northerners

The clamour for Biafra is a revolt against Northern presidency. "What you did for Jonathan, we will do for you". That is it.

Now, Fayose has appealed to the Easterners by showing solidarity for Kanu. (He has appealed, not to the majority. Using what I call SEED STRATEGY - Planting a seed of loyalty/love. Without even the land owners noticing.

In our usual behaviour of choosing between 'two evil alternatives', the Easterners will have to go for a Yoruba man (which is dearer to them than an Hausa) and Fayose (Who has gained the love of a few of them, A love which can spread like petrol fire. (shebi it is election).


It will take the Yorubas time to come to terms with the support for Fayose, because his recent words were 'anti Yoruba majority' who voted Buhari (APC). But in the end, with a well co-Ordinated publicity, Yorubas will have to support their brother. And of course, choose someone who is not as 'worse' as Buhari.


The south-south are almost like the Igbos. They will never vote for a Northerner.

Considering the above factors, in a quest to get back Nigeria by all means, PDP may have to allow Ayo Fayose to take the ticket. That would be after many controversies and fights though.

Therefore, FAYOSE 2019 president = North - (SW+SE+SS) + others (Few from North Central/Middle belt)

I know you will say, He is incompetent, he is not capable, he is that. Well, that is not what wins elections. The intellectuals do not want to agree, but the real politicians know that. The majority are the low-class who votes purely on sentiments...

Do you see Fayose wining the election?

Drop your comments below.


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