Make Your House a Home with Double Design Painting

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Are you looking to make your house a home? A Home is place or house that is suitable and convenient to stay. With Double Design Paints, be rest assured that your home is already a home.

This is a home by a Nigerian and for Nigerians at affordable rates.

We are the best decorative company in Nigeria, our aim is to give your house a meaning as we have several designs to suit our customers and also paints all at affordable price.

Double Design Paints have a wide coverage and high quality in texture and its also washable.

We specialize in 3D wall panel, stucco, crackle effect, stetex, alteco7, madraperla, zebra patch, crocodile patch, floe, and many more.

Call us now to give your home a meaning.

We make your house a home.

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Facebook @doubledesignajah or double design creative team,

WhatsApp 08166488717 and also send your mails to or or

Creative personnel

Double Design Paints



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