Short Documentary of Pa. Elton, the English Missionary to Nigeria

Today January 14th marks the 30th Anniversary of the transition to glory of English missionary to Nigeria - Rev. S.G Elton, fondly called Pa. Elton.

The newspapers, radios or TVs might not be agog in celebrating him or showering him with accolades but the impact of his missionary sojourn in Nigeria spanning 1937-1987 (50years) has raised many frontline and prominent ministers of the gospel, particularly ushering Nigeria into the Pentecostal movement.

Pa Elton mentored and served as spiritual adviser and mentor to the young Benson IDAHOSA and later ordained him to ministry in company of his friend Dr Godson Lindsay.

This is a short interview extract from the full documentary still in production with SIs Ruth Elton, 83 ( Pa Eltons Only Child), brought to Nigeria as a 2 year old, denounced her British Citizenship to take up the Nigerian Passport, Never married but devoted her entire life to missionary work among the indigenous tribes of Present day KOGI STATE  and environs (Igbira,Igala etc)



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