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Busted! Now that the Swisscoin Boss is Sacked, what next?

Mr Marquetans is no longer a part of Swisscoin due to obvius reasons as they have written, the majority of the Swisscoin management has taken the decicion to remove him from the company for the best interest of everyone.

According to Andreas, an Upline and one of the leaders in Swisscoin, he said if he was not mistaken, the planned attact on  the Swisscoin network they write about is that of the discussions of trying to steal/download the entire memberslist to Swisscoin for own benefits in the future.

Wicked Act: 7 Year Old Boy Killed in Lagos for Attempting to Steal Garri

At first, I saw a post on Facebook by someone talking about a 7 Year Old boy that was killed but because I was busy I didn't go  further to find out.

Kenny Kore, Sunday Peters and others to be LIVE in EKSU, Ado-Ekiti this Friday

Have you heard about the song, So More, by Kenny Kore, a formal member of the Infinity Gospel Music group? Well, I guess you must have listened to it perhaps, more than I even do. Okay, how about Aye O lรจ? The same Kore would be LIVE this Friday, yes, this Friday, 18th of November, 2016 at THE PSALMIST CONCERT inEkiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Swisscoin

A lot of people keep asking several questions about Swisscoin. You see this questions even in your whatsapp groups and so on. Therefore, I have decided to write our the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Swisscoin. Please, feel free to contribute using the comment box after this article.

WHAT IS SWISSCOIN? SwissCoin is a new digital currency also known as cryptocurrency. It works on the principle of blockchain technology.

Comedy Video Skit: Terms and Conditions

Laughing is good!

I have been watching start up artists or comedians but this guy is exceptional.

His comedy video skits are always educative, Entertaining, inspiring and this one isn't an exception.