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The Wife of Mr Adeseke Confirms and proves He molested his daughters in an interview (Photos)

After interviwing Mr Adeseke (you can read the interview here), I went further to interview his wife.

Although, I couldn't meet her in person, she granted the interview on phone. She said the article that was posted on SDK Blog is damn true.

I have decided to write few here. you can read the details on SDK  Blog.

1-How come you are blaming your significant other for rape?people are stating you set him up.please clarify in the event that you caught him in the act or noise from the children.

- Is it conceivable to charge a PHD holder and a senior speaker erroneously? It is very unimaginable. I have been battered, smashed and extremely beaten a few times throughout the years yet I hushed up about this.

He had an opportunity to attack the kids after we isolated and he compellingly hushed up about them for 5months in year 2014 from July to November at Ado-Ekiti. I became acquainted with this when I saw release on my little girls clothing and torments in their private part while washing them…

Mr Adeseke Denies Molesting His Children and Beating His Wife

Last week, I posted a report from SDK Blog on this blog about Domestic violence and Rape Case ofMr Adeseke who have been alleged to have molested his children. You can read that here.Consequently, several comments arose especially in EKSU where the man works and I personally received calls from his different people wanting to know if it was true or not.Since then, I had been talking to different people about the issue seeking to know if it actually happened or not. During my survey, only one percent of students believed he could do that while the remaining percentage believed Mr Adeseke would not even try that. Although, most of them said he likes women. In fact, some of the students took it to themselves to write post declaiming the case as a scam.Since it is not enough to hear from the students only, I personally went ahead to interview Mr Adeseke and you would be shocked to hear what Mr Adeseke has to say.