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ZarFund: Become a Millionaire in Weeks no Scam

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There is a new opportunity I just found out and I wanna let you know about. It is call ZarFund.

With ZarFund, you can become a Billionaire within a Month.  But before we continue, let me tell you about Bitcoin because that's what you would need in the platform.

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We will cover the basics of bitcoin, what this program is about and how to get started. So, fasten your seat belt as we begin the ride.

Cryptocurrency: Register, Login with Swisscoin and be next Millionaire

Welcome to wealth in advance. If you've been searching for how to make money with Swisscoin, you're in the right place.  From the way things are going, it's obvious that cryptocurrency is the future of payment.

Domestic Violence And Rape Case: Mr Adeseke of EKSU raped two daughters

Could this be true?
That Mr Adeseke of EKSU formally UNAD, raped his two daughters? 

A comment was made on SDK blog few months returned on a rape and domestic violence case in Akure however the blogger did nothing about it but as you read this,
the case has gotten the eye of the law.

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Download the new EKSUClique App to connect with Buzz in EKSU

The official version of EksuClique named after Prof. Oye Bandele, EKSU VC, is now available on Play Store. Eksuites, join the fun!

Face of the Week (Male) Dio Peter

Name: Dio Peter Omotolani

Nick: #iamDPO

Relationship: Single

#trending MUSIC: Dj Virgin Ft Uto - Gimme That (Gbedu)

Young Talented Disc Jockey (Deejay Virgin) is an Indigine of Osun State.... He Finished Studying entertainment and start doing Disc Jockying in the year 2012.

Please Save Me - Episode 1

Just before he could cover it, the rain had started falling. 😢 He then looked around the Bush but only him was around. He could only hear the pee pee and chukuru chukuru sounds of birds.

Recession: Nigerians regret voting Pres. Buhari said former APC member

Following the declaration by the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS that the nation’s economy has gone into recession, social critic and former All Progressives Congress, APC, governorship aspirant in Benue state, Mr. Nath Apir has stated that Nigerians are currently regretting voting for President Muhammadu Buhari at the last general elections.

25 things you should stop by Maria Ude Nwachi

This is a sponsored post.

Maria wrote this on her Facebook wall and I believe it is one of the posts that you shouldn't miss.  Here are the 25 things she said we should stop.

1. Stop moaning & brooding over a failure. – Say after me; Mirror, mirror on the wall, I'll always get up and after I fall. Whether I run, walk, or have to crawl, I'll set my goals and achieve them all.

2. Stop lying all the time even when not necessary. – In the long-run the truth always reveals itself. Either you own up to your actions or your actions will ultimately own you.

My Mother's Beatings and A Practical Guide To Beating Recession-Bayo Adeyinka

The only time I ever hawked in my life was 1984. Even though my family could be classified as middle class at that time, things had become tough. My mum got a bag of what was called 'Iyan Buhari' (Buhari's pounded yam), re-bagged it into smaller packages and bowls, put them on a tray and I hawked them around our neighborhood. I still remember how I shouted, 'E ra'yan Buhari o' (please buy Buhari's pounded yam). 'Iyan Buhari' was a substitute for those who couldn't afford pounded yam again. It was actually poorly made 'poundo yam' flour at that time. For those who are surprised that tea without milk is now called Buhari while garri and groundnut have now been christened Buhari and Osibajo, this is not the first time something negative or below accepted societal standard is named after Buhari. It is simply history repeating itself.