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Video: 162 students tested for HIV in EKSU

During the last time EKSU HEALTH WEEK by The Health City, various students from different departments of different faculties turned out en mass for the two days program and 162 students were tested for HIV.

According to one of the participants we interviewed, Jennifer who is a graduate of Ekiti State University (EKSU), the program is the first of it's kind in ESKU. She said the program was totally free. All you needed do was to go for the program. She added that anyone that was tested was tested for free and students could ask questions from the Professional Doctor that was available.

Another participant and co-organiser of the program, Oyinlola, said the program is a shift for so many youths. He was so astonished by the number of students that turned up for the health program particularly, the HIV tests. He added that the results of the tests would be sent to the individuals via text messages for confidentiality.

During the interview, he told CloudGossips that people responde…

Nigeria Immigration Service dispersed 2000 trained officers after recruitment: join the campaign against this

The dispersal of 2000 officers that were  recently recruited into the Nigerian Immigration service has shown to the world what Nigerian politics is about, promise everything during campaign and deliver nothing when sworn into office. No wonder Ronald Reagan described government as a baby-a long alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other. 
There were many campaign promises made to the Nigerian youths: employment, empowerment and integration into the Nigerian economy.

Professor Wole Soyinka once said that “The Nigerian youth is dead at birth”. This is true as government cannot provide jobs but they can afford to get as many youths as possible for political thuggery and other electioneering purposes. Both the university degrees and the professional certificates are not enough to secure a job, recruitment into government jobs has been by slots, if you are not connected, you can not be hired.

Lassa fever in Ekiti; student affected

By Muyiwa Adeyemi

A female student nurse at the Federal Teaching Hospital (FETHI) Ido Ekiti, Ekiti State at the weekend tested positive for the dreaded Lassa Fever infection.

The Commissioner for Health, Dr Olurotimi Ojo, who disclosed the first case of the infection in the state on Monday at the Stakeholders meeting on Lassa Fever, said the patient is currently being isolated at the hospital, while efforts were being made by experts to effect that she survives.

The Commissioner said that he had spoken with the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of the hospital, Dr Lawrence Ayodele, who confirmed that the patient is a student of the Teaching Hospital.

EKSU Heath Week: Get free diagnosis with professional doctors

Do you know eating too much salt can cause hypertension?
Do you have pressing health question(s) on your mind but don't have time to go meet a doctor to discuss about it? Are you concerned about what you eat and how it affects you?

Must Read: next EKSU SUG election: way forward

The last Ekiti State University Students' Union Election was a kind that broke the bones of many contestants including their followers. So many predictions, under-fights, 'paspels' and so on took place. But at the end, one thing happened; the election went peacefully and the higher percentage of the students were satisfied with the outcome, if not all.