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Oppinion: IF Buhari Wins... [Must Read]

Sometimes last year audio message by one Pastor Bosun circulated claiming that God instructed him to come over to Nigeria from Germany where he was the National Coordinator of the RCCG.

In the audio, he declared President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as the will of God for this time, to continue in leading this Country.

He mentioned so many strategies by the opposition party to win the ruling party majorly to Islamize Nigeria.

Since then, several other People have had their eyes opened and had the need to look beyond the physical as the physical is controlled by the spiritual.

Personally, I have been praying and meditating on the Word of God since then.

Late last year, I dreamt that General Muhammed Buhari won the election but the aftermath was terrible... You might say it is just a dream.

Girls/ladies/Women Wearing trousers: Sin or Not?

By Amerijoye Akintomide Ifelola

We pray Heavenly Father that you will help us to
understand this write-up and live it and use it for
your Glory- Amen !
In the world of today, the above issues has gone
so vogue and in every mind of every believer. Is it
a sin for a woman to use trousers? Hun...

When God created man, He didn't create man
alone, he created man and "man". The first man
is the you reading this, whilst the second man is
your "conscience".

God installed conscience into the life of every
man He created, but unfortunately, many have
sold their to the devil in a transaction of

As Christians, we should let our conscience be
hyper-active in everything we do in live. When you
use something and your conscience condemns it,
PLEASE STOP USING IT! Cos if you don't yield,
your conscience will appear and stand against you
on the day of judgment and say "Did I not warn
you?" May your conscience not stand agains…


Something great is about to happen in the Land of EKSU this week...


DATE: 12th to 15th of March

Thursday (4pm)
Friday (5pm)
Saturday (Picnic)
Sunday (Grand Finale/Thanksgiving)

Ministering: Rev. Ken Igbinedion and Pastor Lanre

Come and be bless.

You can watch the Freshers' Choir Rehearsal below:


Right now, no activity in the school premises as Strike continues.We hope they call it off tomorrow when they meet eventually.Good Luck!!!